A reference of track record over 1000 cases, the scope of services include the following:

(A) Medical Escort

Medical Escort

ChinAID employs a team of members experienced in rescue assistance from Mainland and Hong Kong qualified medical personnel including doctors, nurses and rescue personnel. In addition to providing different levels of medical care and transfer services, they also provide the following related services:

A. Medical expenses guarantee
B. Medical cost containment
C. Medical care
D. Credit facilities for hospital admission
E. Credit arrangement for outpatient services
F. Evacuation and repatriation

(B) Air Assistance

ChinAID's flagship LEAR JET 36A air ambulance is a specialized for short-long distance aircraft. It is equipped with standard rescue equipment and facilities. It can reach to different provinces in China, as well as other countries in Asia, Europe, North America and Central and South America. With our professional medical team, we are able to provide comfortable and appropriate escort service to critically ill or injured person.

(C) Cross-border Ambulance


ChinAID owned several ambulances that can provide direct and effective comprehensive escort services without outsourcing to other companies. The ambulances have cross-border licenses to shorten the transportation time without transfer to other vehicle at the port of Hong Kong. It is a truly flexible, reliable, fast and "bed to bed" direct service for needed patients.

(D) Others

Other services include:
A. Handling insurance claims for incurred assistance service
B. Apply for inbound landing rights and ground support services (express approval)